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Explore the future development road of Museums and Galleries lighting — "Cross-border, Cooperation, Win-win"

Author:    Issuing time:2015-09-30

        The Starting and Coordination conference of “The research of the status and prospects of LED applications in museum” , that a Science and Technology innovation project of 2015 Ministry of Culture, was held at the National Museum of China, on July 13, 2015. The group members Ai Jing, Li Chen, Wubi Sheng, Chen Kaiyu, Chengxu, Qiu Yan, Xu Hua Rong Haolei attended the meeting.  Well-known experts and scholars of the fair community and the field of lighting Cui xue an, Songxiang Guang Li Xueliang, Zhou Hongwei, Han xiaoling, as well as Bureau of Cultural Relics Museum at Mr. Guo Changhong also been invited

       Mr。 Chen Changjun, deputy director of the conference organizer - China Museum, at the meeting, expressed his full support to the work, and subject hope to the work further develop。

       At the meeting, total more 30 of invited scholars and experts expressed their views on the subject topic "timeliness, the necessity and feasibility". Meeting always filled with strong academic atmosphere.  


Conference site



Conference site



Conference site



 Cui Xue’an: Former deputy director of the Capital  Museum; 

                                                                                                         Beijing Museum Society Executive Vice President and Secretary General;

                                                                                                         Senior heritage experts


                                                                                         Chen changjun: Deputy director of the National Museum of China


Conference site


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